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Ambasamudram hosts sacred places and temples which are visited by more than ten lacks of people in various seasons and festivals of the year. The most prominent ones are, Vaanatheertham, Agastiyar falls and temple, Athri Ashram and temple, Nambikoil, Sorimuthyanar temple and Papanasam temple.

PAPANASAM-MUKALALINGAR PAPANASAM TEMPLE TOWER is located where the Thamirabarani reaches the land level from the higher level. The lord was named as Mukalalingar. Because, the ancient Vedas Rig, Yajur, Samam worshiped him. The tower of the temple is for about 80 feet tall. The fish symbol on the tower indicates that this temple might be built by the Pandyas. Festival is celebrated every year in April (Tamil-Chitrai) on the occasion of Tamil new year.

KARAIYAR-SORIMUTHYANAR SORIMUTHYANAR TEMPLE VIEW temple is administrated by the Singampatti Jamin family. This temple was named as Iyanpali, five decades before, now it is Iyanarkoil, Sathankoil. As lord Iyappa is the saviour who saves the Ariyangavu valley, Sorimuthayanar is the savior who saves Thamirabarani valley. The festival is celebrated in the new moon day in July (Tamil-Aadi) around three lacs of people gather here and worship every year. GO TO TOP

SINGAMPATTI-MADEVAR temple is located at the bank of the tributary of Thamirabarani, Manimuthar which joins with Thamirabarani where the river reaches the land.

AMBASAMUDRAM-AGASTHESAR is situated in Ambasamudram was built especially for saint Agastiyar. Festival is celebrated as a remembrance of the marriage occasion of lord Siva and goddess Parvathi in the month of March (Tamil-Panguni) every year.

KADAYAM-VILWAVANANATHAR temple is situated one mile away from Kadayam as an interamnian between the rivers Ramar and Sambuvan which join together to form Varaga river. Since, this place is surrounded by the two rivers, it is called as Valaisai. GO TO TOP

BRAHMADESAM-KAILASANATHAR is the center stage for the king, RajaRaja Chathurvedi Mangalam, where a place is situated. The temple tower was built in the period of the king, Viswanatha nayakar. This temple is well known for rare sculptures. The evidences are

  1. Irremovable stones inside the mouth of two yalies statues.
  2. The monolith of bell.
  3. Monkeys stones are looking like natural beings.

we can find an inscription in this place which indicates the period of 985 -1013 when the king, RajaRaja Cholan ruled out Tamilnadu.

AZHWARKURICHI-NARAYANASWAMY temple is for the lord Perumal (Krishnan). Azwarkurichi Avudaiamman temple was built by the king, Kollam Konda Chathurvedi Mangalam. GO TO TOP

AZHWARKURICHI-SIVASAILANATHAR is different from other SIVASAILANATHAR TEMPLE TOWER temples in India in the manner of the location of the entrance which faces west direction in Hindu. Whereas the other temples face to the east. This place was named as Athrikoodam. Since saint Athri meditated towards goddess Kalyanithai. As Papanasam is denoted as Yogapeed and Courtallam as Bogpeed, Sivasailam is termed as Gyanpeed. Festival is celebrated at the end of the Tamil month, Panguni, at Azhwarkurichi about a lac of people gather every year for this occasion.

POTTALPUTHUR-MOSQUE stands for communal harmony, being built by the Hindu King. The Hindu temple and the Mosque are in the same campus.

CHURCH VIEW IRUDAYAKULAM It is a small, pleasant village at the foot of Pothigai hills. A seed was sown at this place by Fr.Adrian Caussanel, SJ, a French Jesuit missionary, who made history and strode like a colossus across the stage of the infant Christian Church at the turn of the present century in this part of the world. GO TO TOP